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Welcome to B+ Consulting

B+ Consulting Ltd (The Firm) was formed as a consulting Firm in Accounting & Business Management Systems specializing in the provision of computerised financial, accounting and business management solutions tailored to meet the various specific business needs of the discerning consumer

Consistency in quality is one of the founding paradigms of the firm and as such our solutions are substantially flexible and robust in relation to the consumer requirements. Increasingly, today’s consumer expects service providers to not only satisfy their requirements but indeed to surpass these requirements. Consistent innovation and invention is what we deliver to our clients and such is the driving force behind our deeply ingrained mission:

“Solutions that add a plus to your business.”

We guarantee unparalleled quality, flexibility and integrity in all the products and services that we offer and greatly respect our relationships with our customers.

We give Solutions

We always endeavour to involve the end user in the implementation of the solutions that we offer
so much so that these solutions can be construed to be designed by he user and for the user.

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